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6 months ago

Episode 77: Circular Construction Economy

The way in which we are using resources to produce materials is putting unsustainable strain on the ecosystem. The circular economy has the potential to make better use of resources, which is particularly important in the construction industry where demand for materials continues to increase. In this episode, we discuss the need for circularity in construction, some examples of where it has been applied and that this is only the beginning if we are to achieve a more sustainable future.

This episode was sponsored by Innovate UK Transforming Foundation Industries Challenge. This challenge is providing funding and support to create a cleaner, more efficient and more competitive sector that is fit for our future. Find out more by searching ‘Transforming Foundation Industries’.

Guests: Eoin Bailey – UK Innovation Manager – Celsa Steel UK Dr Asselia Katenbayeva – Research Associate – The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

Thanks to Kolobyte and Alphabot for letting us use their music in the show!

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