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8 months ago

Episode 73: Bio-Inspired Concrete

Concrete is an essential material in modern society. It is the second most used material after water and it’s demand continues to increase. However, at least 8% of global emissions caused by humans come from the cement industry. Therefore, reducing the environmental impact of cement and concrete production and use is critical in achieving a more sustainable environment. Biological systems are providing inspiration for solutions to this problem. In this episode, learn about two innovators that are developing materials that can reduce the environmental impact of construction.

This episode was sponsored by Innovate UK Transforming Foundation Industries Challenge. This challenge is providing funding and support to create a cleaner, more efficient and more competitive sector that is fit for our future. Find out more by searching ‘Transforming Foundation Industries’ or going to this link.

Guests: Dr Lívia Riberio de Souza – CTO & Co-founder – Mimicrete Liv Anderson – CEO & Co-founder – BioZeroc

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