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3 months ago

Episode 84: The ICME Method with QuesTek

Meeting the demands of next-generation technologies will require materials to be designed and qualified at faster rates than ever before. The ICME (integrated computational materials engineering) approach is at the forefront of this innovation, blending advanced computational modeling with experimental validation to accelerate the development of new materials and open up the possibility of concurrent design. In this episode, we sit down with Jason Sebastian from QuesTek to learn how they have successfully applied the ICME method to the design of aerospace alloys and ICMD® software they built to enable other companies to implement the method.

Selected References

  • Wang et al. Integrated computational materials engineering for advanced materials: A brief review [LINK]
  • Case Study: QuesTek’s Ferrium C64 & Additive Manufacturing Process Make Army Helicopters Tougher, Lighter, and Safer [LINK]
  • Case Study: QuesTek’s Single Crystal Nickel Answers the Department Of Energy’s Call [LINK]

This episode of Materialism is sponsored by QuesTek’s ICMD® software, a cutting-edge materials design and engineering platform for ICME in a cloud-based SaaS format. Backed by computational models honed through numerous engagements with industry leaders like NASA, SpaceX, and Apple, ICMD® empowers materials engineers to predict how various factors affect material properties such as strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, and fatigue - enabling rapid design, development, and deployment of innovative materials. Visit to find out how it help solve your materials challenges.

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