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2 years ago

Episode 52: μ: Storing Nuclear Waste

Encapsulation for Generations

How do you contain waste that remains hazardous for more than 100,000 years? For decades, the question of what to do with high-level nuclear waste has been put on the back-burner. However, as next generation reactors come online and old ones are retired, the problems of disposal become inevitable. In this episode we investigate the materials challenges of immobilizing and protecting radioactive waste for several millennia.

Articles Discussed:

  • King, Container materials for the storage and disposal of nuclear waste [LINK]
  • Kurniawan, Technological solutions for long-term storage of partially used nuclear waste [LINK]
  • Gin, Long-term Behavior of High-Level Nuclear Waste Glass. Materials Today [LINK]
  • Robots for Nuclear Waste Cleanup [LINK]

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Keywords: nuclear energy, nuclear waste, corrosion

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