An exploration of the past, present, and future of materials science and engineering.
a year ago

Episode 10: Seeing With Electrons

the microscope that changed the way we see materials

The optical microscope was discovered in the 17th century and ever since has been a staple of scientific discovery. It uncovered germs and let humanity investigate the microscopic world. However, optical microscopes face a limit to their resolution since they rely on visible light. If materials scientists were going to ever probe atoms, grains, domains, and other features smaller than a few hundred nanometers, it would be necessary to fundamentally change the way we see matter.

In this episode we talk about electron microsopes. Their history, how they work, and some of the incredible advantages and features they offer to scientists. There are some great papers out there we pulled from to make this episode. Like this one highlighting the key events in the History of Electron Microscopy.

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