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2 years ago

Episode 48: Thermal Barrier Coatings

Did you know turbine blades operate in environments above their melting temperature? The secret is a barrier, no thicker than your fingernail, that insulates, protects, and prevents the nickel superalloy blade from melting. In this episode we discuss the materials science that makes low thermal conductivity, high compliance thermal barrier coatings possible. Towards the end we peer into what the future might hold as we push operating temperatures higher.

Articles Discussed:

  • 2019, Smil, Gas Turbines Have Become by Far the Best Choice for Add-on Generating Power They offer instant-on power that's compact, mobile, quiet, economical, durable, and matchlessly efficient, IEEE Spectrum [LINK]

  • 2010, Gas Turbines breaking the 60% efficiency barrier, Power Engineering International [LINK]

  • 2005, Clarke & Phillpot, Thermal barrier coating materials, Materials Today [LINK]

  • 2003, Clarke & Levi, Materials Design for the Next Generation Thermal Barrier Coatings, Annual Reviews of Materials Research [LINK] This article will be made available for free for 6 months thanks to the support of Materials Today!

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Materialism Team: Taylor Sparks (co-host, co-creator), Andrew Falkowski (co-host, co-creator), Jared Duffy (production, marketing, and editing), Ramsey Issa (editing assistance). Keywords: thermal barrier coatings, turbines, superalloys, ceramics, aviation, jet engines

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