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2 months ago

Episode 81: New Materials for Carbon Capture

Taylor sits down with Dr. Hayden Evans of NIST and Sir Dr. Anthony Cheetham of UCSB/Cambridge/National University of Singapore to talk about their research on carbon storing materials. Learn what special characteristics makes the materials they are researching well suited for CO2 capture.


Perovskite-related ReO3-type structures

Aluminum formate, Al(HCOO)3: An earth-abundant, scalable, and highly selective material for CO2 capture

Noncryogenic Air Separation Using Aluminum Formate Al(HCOO)3 (ALF)

Exclusive Recognition of CO2 from Hydrocarbons by Aluminum Formate with Hydrogen-Confined Pore Cavities

Hydrogen Storage with Aluminum Formate, ALF: Experimental, Computational, and Technoeconomic Studies

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Keywords: CO2 Capture Sequestration Carbon Reducing MOF Formate