An exploration of the past, present, and future of materials science and engineering.

Episode 12: Recycling and the Science of Separation

a company trying to reinvent the eddy current separation process

Episode 11: The Ultimate Construction Material

how we are reinventing concrete with inspiration from ancient Rome

Episode 10: Seeing With Electrons

the microscope that changed the way we see materials

Episode 8: Yes, Chocolate is a Material

how you process it makes all the difference

Episode 6: Hemodialysis and the Birth of Artificial Organs

In Nazi occupied Netherlands an incredible breakthrough occurred

Episode 5: Solving Structures with X-Rays

The tool that revolutionized materials science.

Episode 4: Turning Heat into Electricity

Will a surge in new thermoelectric materials research translate to major advances or not?

Episode 3: Making Materials in a Microwave

or in other words, the many kitchen microwaves who gave their lives for science