An exploration of the past, present, and future of materials science and engineering.

Episode 22: Vulcanized Rubber

A look into the history of rubber and the vulcanization process from Charles Goodyear's insane dedication to abandoned corporate towns in the jungle.

Episode 20: Materials Informatics

How can AI and neural networks help us find new materials?

Episode 19: μ: Filtering Out The Bad

First episode of the new micro format, this month's topic is N95 masks.

Episode 18: Diamonds Aren't Forever

A conversation about the history and future of artificial diamonds for industrial applications.

Episode 15: A Look Inside Ultrasound

An investigation into ultrasound and the material properties that make it work.

Episode 14: Self-Healing Rubber

a look at the future of one of the most commonly used materials

Episode 13: The Science of Blacksmithing

the science behind one of the most ancient arts