Materialism: A Materials Science Podcast
An exploration of the past, present, and future of materials science and engineering.

Episode 27: The Materials of Cosplay

the unique materials that make your crazy monster costumes a reality

Episode 26: μ: When Materials Failure Leads to Wildfire

How did materials failure lead to the California's deadliest fire and the biggest insured loss of 2018?

Episode 25: The Materials of Art

Can art make you a better scientist?

Episode 24: μ: Bio-Inspired Materials

See how the structure of living things can influence innovation on materials.

Episode 23: μ: Bioprinting

3D Printing doesn't have to be plastic, a look into the technology of printing organs.

Episode 22: Vulcanized Rubber

The history of modern rubber from Charles Goodyear to abandoned corporate towns in the jungle.

Episode 21: μ: Auxetics

What if a material could expand when pulled?

Episode 20: Materials Informatics

How can AI and neural networks help us find new materials?

Episode 19: μ: Filtering Out The Bad

First episode of the new micro format, this month's topic is N95 masks.

Episode 18: Diamonds Aren't Forever

A conversation about the history and future of artificial diamonds for industrial applications.